How do you ‘sell’ social tools to the enterprise?

Posted in Communicate / Collaborate on January 18th, 2010 by Leanne Fry – Be the first to comment

This blog post from Cecil Dijoux at Social Computing Journal  sets out some guidance on how to introduce the concept of social media tools into an organisation (in the Enterprise 2.0 sense). It references another post by Bertrand Duperrin that cautions against using 7 specific web 2.0 words with business managers.  Both authors posit that the words […]

Can you ‘control’ your brand online?

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Imagine this. You are the VP of marketing. Your new product line is a series of children’s t-shirts, with edgy and quite controversial slogans on the front. Soon after launch, an influential blogger and media personality slams the t-shirts. She charges that they are in extremely poor taste in a world struggling to cope with […]

Interaction is key for BPM and web 2.0

Posted in Business Process Consulting, Communicate / Collaborate, Practice Areas on December 11th, 2009 by Stephanie Chung – Be the first to comment

As a passionate practitioner of BPM and web 2.0, the question is whether both worlds can interact. It was good to see that a discussion has been started regarding “Will new social capabilities drive the next wave of BPM adoption or is social not a good fit for BPM?” In my view, the social capabilities […]

Is change or transformation viewed as a ‘problem’ to be ‘solved’?

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I subscribe to the Gurteen Knowledge-Letter, which never disappoints.  Issue 113 – November quoted from and linked to an online booklet from David Block .  This quote caught my attention: We cannot problem solve our way into fundamental change, or transformation. David Gurteen raised it in context of the Knowledge Cafes he runs, where people often […]

10 reasons to tackle corporate email – reason 6

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I worked in an organisation that had ‘the three phone call rule’. It went something like this: within three phone calls, you will find someone who can help you with your problem. No one ever carried out a study at that time to ascertain whether or not it held true or was simply apocryphal (in […]

A jury system that caters for the computer generation?

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When so many enthusiasts are tweeting, blogging, conferencing and opining on social media and social networking, we really like to see an article taking a very specific issue, reviewing the influence of new technology, and raising some important questions. So it is with an article from TimesOnline about jury trials and new technology. ‘The jury […]

Executive salary caps are a red herring

Posted in Governing Programmes and Projects, News and Features on October 15th, 2009 by Raymond Young – Be the first to comment

The new legislation on executive remuneration is a red herring. Our inaction has forced the government’s hand to do something. We are our own worst enemy in not being able to self regulate on the things that actually matter. The problem relates to managerial over-optimism [iii] and the board must take responsibility to see it is addressed (a) 60-75% of business failures are due to managerial incompetence, (b) 50-67% of all project investments deliver no business benefits whatsoever (Projects matter because they are the primary way of delivering strategy).

Bridging the top management conceptual divide

Posted in Governing Programmes and Projects, Strategic Programmes on October 14th, 2009 by Raymond Young – 3 Comments

Executive Summary Top management support is crucial for project success, but top managers are not interested in project level concerns. Programme management is the crucial link because programmes deliver the business benefits required to realise strategic goals. web name generator However the project and programme management community will have to learn engage at the strategy […]

Channels and context in Web 2.0

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A couple of recent instances have reminded me of how much communication has changed. (And some will read this post and say ‘so tell me something I don’t know’.) But they represent such a challenge, to some of the assumptions underpinning  the communication function in organisations, that I want to highlight them. You can’t keep […]

Risk, control and trust in Enterprise 2.0

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Risk, control and trust. Add any of these words to a business proposal, as issues to be addressed, and you can guarantee someone is going to be nervous. Dion Hinchcliffe recently highlighted how these three issues were starting to push their way through the excitement of Enterprise 2.0 to become potential show-stoppers. For many organisations […]