CareersWe believe in being:

Clear – listening to the needs of our clients, providing our services with clarity, supported by well-written and well-presented documentation.

Focused – always considering the client’s best interests and customising our service to meet their exact needs.

Creative – exploring new ways of contributing to and achieving successful outcomes for our clients and our business.

Accountable – making commitments and standing by them, taking responsibility for our actions and making good anything our clients require.

Open – being transparent in all dealings, sharing our knowledge with our clients and each other, learning from good and not so good experiences.

Courteous – having our client’s and our colleagues best interests are heart, understanding that we depend on each other for our client and business success.

Sound like you?

e8 Consulting is always looking for talented business and technology specialists.

If you are a consultant, project manager or business analyst with proven skills and experience, who is able to develop detailed business requirements, plans, solutions and strategies, able to work autonomously/proactively and as part of a team, skilled at working within tight time frames and with excellent verbal and written communication skills, send your resume to